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Captain Funk is an electronic music project by a New York based award winning composer Tatsuya Oe and has been active since 1997. Under this moniker he has produced a large amount of successful releases and remixes which have been globally acclaimed by creative professionals as well as audience.

Tatsuya Oe Full biography: https://www.tatsuyaoe.com/biography/

Official Discography: https://www.tatsuyaoe.com/discography/

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Wikipedia (as Tatsuya Oe):
English: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tatsuya_Oe
Japanese: https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/オオエタツヤ

Dark Model (Tatsuya’s latest project): https://www.darkmodelmusic.com/

Social Media Websites:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CaptainFunkOfficial
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/CaptainFunkOfficial
Tumblr: https://captainfunk.tumblr.com/
Myspace: https://myspace.com/captainfunkofficial

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“Captain Funk, or in other words Tatsuya Oe is in my honest opinion the best music producer / composer in Japan. Infinite creativity, expanding to all horizons of composition including commercials, Thus, I gladly accept our priceless friendship and fantastic talent. Recommend anyone seeking out of the box music themes or personal projects including feature films (other) to contact him on my behalf.”

Andrew Trovaioli
Brand Strategist, Consultant & Creative Engineer at Omnicom Group

“What a f***ing insane record! I love it. Can I have two more copies so I can play A1, B1, B2 without forgetting?”

Norman Cook
Music producer/DJ aka Fatboy Slim

“In short, he’s a modern Renaissance man.”

Mark Frieser
Contributing writer of Billboard biz, founder/CEO of Sync Exchange

“Say the words “remix” and “Japan” and one name rises to the top. Tatsuya Oe aka “Captain Funk” has been at the cutting edge of Japanese electronic and new wave music since launching his musical career back in the 1990s.”

Andrew Smith
J-Pop World

“Japan’s legend”

Riot Riot Electrique Records (Germany)

“Captain Funk will make you believe!”

Ministry of Sound Magazine (UK)

“Great Stuff…would love to be able to come to Tokyo and work with you. Keep up the good work.”

Steve Brown
Music Producer (Elton John, George Michael, Freddie Mercury, Manic Street Preachers, etc.)

“Tatsuya is one of the best! His music and talent are so fresh, I’m proud to collaborate with him!”

Fréderic Gindre
Gindre Booking (David Carretta, Front 242, Grandmaster Flash, etc. France)

“Tatsuya Oe is one of the most inspired musicians I’ve met over the past 15 years, and continually surprises me with his flexibility and talent. He’s also been a pleasure to work with in a business-sense and is one of the nicest people I’ve met in Japan.”

Andrez Bergen
Tokyo Correspondent at Impact Magazine
Journalist, Author, Musician & Photographer at IF? Media

“One of Japan’s most demanded DJs/remixers, Captain Funk has firmly established his credentials as a recording artist with his second album “Songs of the Siren””

Steve McClure
Former Asia Bureau Chief of Billboard Magazine

“Japan might not have the numbers when it comes to superstar music producers and artists but they sure do turn out some of the most interesting producers around. After a few hours of conversation we found Captain Funk to be no exception.”

Brent Csutoras
Movement Magazine

“For Tatsuya Oe, a.k.a. Captain Funk, being a club DJ has always been about more than spinning someone else’s music in a sweaty basement.”

Don Crispy

“Sailing into the uncharted waters of dance music”

Mainichi Daily News

“What his dominant niche is may be anyone’s guess.”

Yomiuri Shimbun / Daily Yomiuri


Dan Grunebaum

* Several quotes are from recommendations on Tatsuya Oe LinkedIn page

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