Sync Licensing Placements

This is a small list of advertising / branding campaigns and TV & movie promos in which Captain Funk’s music has been licensed and featured these years. Regarding further info about these music placements, please refer to “Sync Placements” on Topics . Also, you can find many more placements by other names of Tatsuya Oe (such as Dark Model) on his official website.

– Examples (in no particular order) –

WB “Charmed” Season 5 Episode 5 “Witches In Tights” (New Streaming Version) – Captain Funk “Rise”

TV Land “Younger” Season2 Ep11 “Secrets & Liza” – Captain Funk “Leaving” (Details)

Sony Pictures “Money Monster (str. George Clooney & Julia Roberts)” Trailer – Captain Funk “Endless Possibilities (Percussive Instrumental Mix)” (Details)

ABC “Switched at Birth” Season3 Episode5 “Have You Really the Courage?” – Captain Funk “Endless Possibilities” (Details)

ABC “Switched at Birth” Season 4 Episode 3 “I Lock the Door Upon Myself” – Captain Funk “I’m Ready to Go” (Details)

Wigs “Blue (Season 3)” Trailer feat. Julia Stiles – Captain Funk “Somebody Like You (Electro Psyche Rock Mix)” (Details)

WWE WrestleMania 33 TV Spot – Captain Funk “Endless Possibilities” (Details)

Forever 21 “Minnie Muse” – Captain Funk “Piece of You” (Details)

Good Magazine “Teaching for Tomorrow” – Captain Funk “I’ll Be There (Epic Strings Mix)” (Details) “Emmy Awards” – Captain Funk “Piece of You” (Bestrack Remix Instrumental)

Syfy “Hot Set” – Captain Funk “Superfoxy (Dirty Electro Inst Mix)

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