Call on Me (Night Cruising Mix)

Tags for Song: Deep House and Nu-Disco. Video Categories: Sail and Cruise.

This is a sophisticated Deep House remix of “Call on Me,” a popular romantic song included in the 2007 release “Heavy Mellow.” It features melodic male vocals, jazzy piano riffs, and syncopated pizzicato strings.

BPM: 123
Keywords for this track: Groovy, Mellow, Romantic, Summery, Jazzy, Sophisticated, Breezy, Bittersweet, House Music, Male Vocals, Vocoder, Piano, Synth Bass, Dance Music, Deep House

– About the album “Sail and Cruise” –

Tatsuya Oe releases a new album followed by “Night Music” under the moniker of Captain Funk. “Sail and Cruise,” a compilation and mix album filled with delightful and groovy music, is very suitable for vacation. Unlike ordinary DJ mix albums, all tracks included in this release are composed and produced by Tatsuya Oe. So this album can also let you enjoy the highlight of Captain Funk’s recent work. Under various situations such as driving, cruising, and home party, Captain’s “Sail and Cruise” will bring a refreshing touch to your life.

Album Details:

Captain Funk - Sail and Cruise

– Album info –

Artist Name: Captain Funk
Album Title: “Sail and Cruise”
Release Date: June 11th (Fri), 2021
Format: Digital
Product No: MECD-1014
UPC Code: 198000273224
Label: Model Electronic Records

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