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This instrumental song, a romantic piano-driven Electronic Jazz-Funk/Acid Jazz piece, features melodic lead and chorus parts, a horn/brass section, and rhythmic “tutti” intro & bridge. It is reminiscent of sophisticated mellow sounds performed by 80’s UK, US, and Japanese jazz-funk bands.

BPM: 113
Keywords for this track: Jazz Funk, R&B, Nu Jazz, Acid Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Happy, Romantic, Fun, Uplifting, Groovy, 80s, Hopeful, Catchy, Synth Bass, Brass Section, Piano Lead, Electronic Beats, Midtempo

– About the album “Night Music” –

With the concept of “music for nightlife,” Captain Funk’s latest album contains stylish and vibrant tracks that are enjoyable not only as dance music but also as music for driving at night. It pushes forward the retro-futuristic-jazz approach, which was displayed in the last release, “Metropolis.”

The album opens with “Parade,” an upbeat synth-funk track that features a crisp piano intro and dreamy synth leads. The following “Night Shift,” with groovy basslines and mellow electric piano chords, represents the album concept as well as other jazz-funkish tracks such as “Stepping Out,” “Aquarius,” and “Skyline.” “Love Supreme,” an elegant orchestral disco, will take you to the imaginary dancefloor (of the ’70s). “Midnight Express,” an uplifting broken-beats jam featuring trumpet and flute leads and a horn section, gives you a thrill ride. “Rendezvous” and “Lumiere” are future-funk/vaporwave tracks reminiscent of ’80s R&B mellow grooves.

Album details: https://www.captainfunkofficial.com/releases/night-music/

– Album info –

Release Date: December 4th (Fri), 2020
Product No: MECD-1013
UPC Code: 195269044640
Label: Model Electronic Records
All tracks composed and produced by Tatsuya Oe (JASRAC)

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Details & other links: https://www.captainfunkofficial.com/releases/night-music/

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