Heavy Mellow (Deluxe Edition)

Heavy Mellow (Deluxe Edition)
September 29, 2023
Captain Funk
Model Electronic Records

“Heavy Mellow,” Captain Funk’s 2007 release featuring popular songs such as “Call on Me” and “Hey Boy, Hey Girl,” comes back with all the brand new mixes and masters optimized for the digital streaming era. Enjoy the latest edition of “Heavy Mellow” and “Instrumentals,” including their instrumental versions.

Note: These “Deluxe” releases are NOT just “remastered” albums.

Captain Funk “Heavy Mellow (Deluxe Edition)” Tracklist

1. Overture (New Mix)
2. Tell Me (New Mix)
3. Call On Me (New Mix)
4. Diamonds (New Mix)
5. Rockin’ You Eternally (New Mix)
6. Hey Boy, Hey Girl (New Mix)
7. Love Tricks (New Mix)
8. Can’t Hide (New Mix)
9. Get Over You (New Mix)
10. Come Back Soon (New Mix)
11. I’ll Be There (New Mix)
12. Stardust (New Mix)
13. Overture (Electro Funk Mix)
14. Tell Me (Chill Out Mix)
15. Call On Me (Night Cruising Mix)
16. Hey Boy, Hey Girl (Digikid84 Remix)
17. I’ll Be There (Epic Synth Rock Mix)

Album Info & Credit

Artist Name: Captain Funk
Album Title: Captain Funk “Heavy Mellow (Deluxe Edition)”
Release Date: September 29, 2023
Format: Digital (No physical release)
Product No: MECF-1021
UPC Code: 198025865343
Label: Model Electronic Records
All tracks produced by Tatsuya Oe
Art Direction: Passion Yoko

Album Description (Message from Tatsuya)

For the production of these ‘Deluxe Edition’ releases, I went back to the original Pro Tools data and scrutinized each of the hundreds of tracks per song. Anything deemed necessary was re-recorded using old and new equipment, and all audio processing, including compression and equalizing, was thoroughly reevaluated.
The top priority for releasing these new mix versions was to ‘update’ them musically so that listeners could enjoy them with their current sensibilities. Simultaneously, considering the significant changes in music distribution since the original releases in late 2000, we aimed to provide high-quality audio suitable for today’s streaming and listening environment.
While we’ve worked to achieve a clearer and more refined sound through mixing and mastering, we’ve also been careful to preserve the power and momentum of the original audio source. This balance ensures that our ‘Deluxe Editions’ will be a familiar yet enhanced listening experience for everyone.

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