Chronicles 2007-2013, Vol. 1

Captain Funk - Chronicles. Vol1
July 19, 2013
Captain Funk
Model Electronic Records
Producer: Tatsuya Oe

Captain Funk “Chronicles 2007-2013, Vol. 1 & 2” are literally the collection of tracks which have been produced since 2007 under the moniker of Captain Funk. These include not only original & instrumental mixes from the past 4 releases (“Heavy Metal”, “Heavy Mellow”, “Sunshine”, and “Versions 2011”) but also new songs such as “Try Try Try” & remixes (49 + 49 tracks).


“Chronicles 2007-2013, Vol. 1” (MERN-1001)

(Italic: New release)

1. Endless Possibilities (Electro Shuffle Mix) [feat. Raj Ramayya] 3:19
2. Superfoxy (feat. Krusher) (Dirty Electro House Mix) 3:12
3. Somebody Like You (feat. Meri Neeser) (Electro Pop Mix) 5:25
4. Leaving (Extended Piano Mix) 7:11
5. Weekend (Kissing, Touching, Tasting, Loving) [feat. Adnan Kurtov] (Uplifting House Mix) 6:50
6. Boogie Electricland 3:31
7. Kick the Beats (feat. Hitoshi Arai) 3:52
8. Somebody Like You (feat. Meri Neeser) 5:39
9. Carry On 5:49
10. Don’t Waste My Acid 6:02
11. Butterfly (feat. Raj Ramayya) 6:38
12. Superfoxy (feat. Krusher) 6:25
13. Funk Lesson ’79 2:26
14. Knight of Electricity 6:07
15. Talk Too Much 5:36
16. Not Later 7:34
17. Heroes are Forever (New Mix) 5:03
18. Overture 2:16
19. Tell Me 4:55
20. Call On Me (feat. Raj Ramayya) 5:04
21. Diamonds (feat. Meri Neeser) 5:56
22. Rockin’ You Eternally 6:20
23. Hey Boy, Hey Girl (feat. Meri Neeser) 5:18
24. Love Tricks 5:18
25. Can’t Hide 4:15
26. Get Over You 7:12
27. Come Back Soon (feat. Raj Ramayya) 5:30
28. I’ll Be There (feat. Raj Ramayya) 6:59
29. Stardust (feat. Hitoshi Arai) 4:53
30. Endless Days 2:48
31. Weekend (Kissing, Touching, Tasting, Loving) [feat. Adnan Kurtov] 3:58
32. Rise 4:56
33. Girlfriend (feat. Adnan Kurtov) 4:42
34. Piece of You (feat. Meri Neeser) 4:50
35. At the Beach 4:17
36. Sunshine 5:32
37. Just Wanna Get You Tonight (feat. Adnan Kurtov) 5:00
38. King of the Highway 2:56
39. Leaving 3:22
40. Anymore 1:44
41. Summer Nights 7:54
42. Hey Boy, Hey Girl (feat. Meri Neeser) (Playmodel Daytime Remix) 5:41
43. Hey Boy, Hey Girl (feat. Meri Neeser) (Playmodel Nighttime Remix) 6:27
44. Alex Whistles 5:24
45. Call On Me (feat. Raj Ramayya) (Uplifting House Mix) 7:13
46. I’ll Be There (Epic Strings Short Mix Instrumental) 1:40
47. Mass of Attraction (feat. Raj Ramayya) 2:46
48. Tell Me (Chill Out Mix) 3:26
49. Butterfly (feat. Raj Ramayya) (Break Beats Mix) 6:26

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As heard on (Sync Placements)

– Endless Possibilities (Electro Shuffle Mix/Percussive Mix) –
Sony Pictures “Money Monster (starring George Clooney & Julia Roberts)
WWE “WrestleMania 33” TV Spot

– Endless Possibilities (Climactic Mix) –
ABC “Switched at Birth” S3 EP5

– Leaving –
TV Land “Younger” Season2 Ep11

– Somebody Like You (Electro Pop Mix/Psyche Rock Mix) –

Viceland “Needles & Pins””Margaret Cho Interview”
Wigs “Blue” Trailer feat. Julia Stiles

– Piece of You (Original Mix/Bestrack Remix) –
Forever 21 “Minnie Muse”
Sammy and Co “Turtle Reef” Trailer “Emmy Awards”

– I’ll Be There (Epic Strings Mix/Epic Synth Rock Mix) –
NBC “The Voice”
TLC “Brides Gone Styled”
NBC “Steve Harvey”
National Geographic “Cesar Millan: The Real Story”
Esquire Network “Car Matchmaker”
BBC “Snooker”
Oxygen “Pretty Stronger”
GOOD Worldwide Inc. “Teaching for Tomorrow”
Delta Air Lines“Ask the Pilot”

– Superfoxy (Dirty Electro Instrumental Mix) –
Viceland “Trixie And Katya Show”
Discovery Channel “Carspotting”
VH1 “Mob Wives”
Syfy “Hot Set”
Oakley Ads

– Boogie Electricland –
Sony Ericsson “W44S” TV Spot

– Don’t Waste My Acid, Kick the Beats, Funk Lesson’79 –
MTV “Brothers Green Eats”

– Summer Nights –
HBO: Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

– Talk Too Much –
TV Land “Nobodies”

– Just Wanna Get You Tonight –
Netflix “Emily in Paris,” adidas Originals, TRESemme

and many more TV programs and advertising campaigns.

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