Captain Funk – I’ll Be There (Epic Synth Rock Mix)

Track Description

2011 remix of Captain Funk “I’ll Be There” (original “Heavy Mellow”). This version is included in “Chronicles 2007-2013. vol.2” as well as “Versions 2011”. Actually there is another instrumental mix (like a “remix of remix”) called “Epic Strings Short Mix” which has been licensed and featured in numerous media projects. Check this out as well.

Release: “Chronicles 2007-2013, Vol. 1″, “Versions 2011

Vocals: Raj Ramayya
Composed, Produced, and Arranged by Tatsuya Oe

BPM: 125

Keywords for this track:
Synth Pop, Indie Rock, Dramatic, Dreamy, Wistful, Strings, Orchestral Percussion, Piano, Sophisticated, Remix

Other Versions

– Epic Strings Short Mix (Instrumental) –

– Original Mix –

Music Placements (Sync License)

These clients used instrumental versions of this song for their advertising campaigns and promos.

Delta Air Lines (Airline, US) “Winter storm Thor comes to New York” (details)
Good Worldwide (Media platform, US) “Teaching for Tomorrow” (details)
Forever 21 (Apparel/Retail, US) “Model Docs” (details)
Specialized (Bicycle and related components, US) “Annika Langvad: Double Life” (details)
Thermopor Glas & Glas Porschen (Germany) (details)

and many more
(Uses on TV programs are not included)

These tracks are excerpts from Tatsuya Oe’s composition and production works. Regarding media synchronization such as advertising, film/TV, video games, etc, third parties must obtain proper commercial licenses prior to any usage of the musical works contained herein which are considered to be protected musical works. Please contact us via License Form to obtain a license. Several tutorial pages for music licensing are available as well.

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