Captain Funk – Leaving (Extended Piano Mix)

2012 remix of Captain Funk “Leaving” (original “Sunshine“). This is a new version produced by Tatsuya himself and included in “Chronicles 2007-2013 vol.1”. It features more piano riffs and dance-oriented arrangement.

Release: “Chronicles 2007-2013, Vol. 1″


Produced and Remixed by Tatsuya Oe

Vocals: Recomposed from the materials of “Vocal Foundry (Zero-G)”
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Keywords for this track:
Synth Pop, Dance Pop, Electro, House, Funky, Remix, Reconstruction, Female Vocals, Sweet, Bittersweet, Emotional, Stuttering, Glitch, Filter, Love Song, Heartbreak, Wistful, Dreamy, Energetic, 80s, Uplifting, Ducking, Piano, Synth Bass, Slap Bass, Strings, Melodic

– Original Mix –

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