Excerpts from Captain Funk’s 2009 release “Sunshine” including instrumental and alternative mixes. All these tracks are included in 2013 releases “Chronicles 2007-2013, Vol. 1 & 2″, which are literally the collection of tracks which have been produced since 2007 under the moniker of Captain Funk.

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“Sunshine” album reviews & comments

(original language: Japanese)

“Have you ever heard such catchy and all-direction dance music? “Weekend,” which sounds almost like being possessed by Michael Jackson in his prime, is particularly a gem. “(bounce)

“The way he pursues “pop” in this album is overwhelming, which almost makes me wonder if there has ever been high-quality dance music crafted like this. “(Oops!)

“If you’re looking for music to listen to, you should choose a good one like this. “(Spring)

“This album, filled with outstanding melody as sustainable as that of Brian Wilson and Kyohei Tsutsumi, clearly answers the question if popular music can survive in the 21st century.” (Studio Voice)

“This album includes straight-ahead radio friendly songs. His attitude toward pushing the envelope to make outstandingly pop music reminds me of his 90’s masterpiece “Bustin’ Loose EP.” (CD Journal)

Tomoyuki Tanaka to Captain Funk Sunshine


1. Endless Days 2:48
2. Weekend (Kissing, Touching, Tasting, Loving) [feat. Adnan Kurtov] 3:58
3. Rise 4:56
4. Girlfriend (feat. Adnan Kurtov) 4:42
5. Piece of You (feat. Meri Neeser) 4:50
6. At the Beach 4:17
7. Sunshine 5:32
8. Just Wanna Get You Tonight (feat. Adnan Kurtov) 5:00
9. King of the Highway 2:56
10. Leaving 3:22
11. Anymore 1:44
12. Summer Nights 7:54
13. Hey Boy, Hey Girl (feat. Meri Neeser) (Playmodel Daytime Remix) 5:41
14. Hey Boy, Hey Girl (feat. Meri Neeser) (Playmodel Nighttime Remix) 6:27
15. Hey Boy, Hey Girl (feat. Meri Neeser) [Digikid84 Remix] 3:52

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“Weekend” got ranked No.5 at FM COOLO “Hits40″ (Japanese international radio station program).

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