“I’m Ready To Go” featured in ABC Family “Switched At Birth”

Captain Funk’s music was featured AGAIN in a TV drama “Switched At Birth (ABC Family).

On air: January 20, 2015 (Season 4 Episode 3 “I Lock the Door Upon Myself”)

Song title: “I’m Ready to Go (Kung Fu Rock Mix)” feat. Raj Ramayya

While this track is commercially unreleased, it has already been registered on Shazam. Check out the page as well.

“Endless Possibilities” Featured in “Switched At Birth” (ABC Family)

Captain Funk “Endless Possibilities (feat. Raj Ramayya)” will be featured in a TV drama called “Switched At Birth” airing on ABC Family on Feb 10, 2014 (Season 3 Episode 5 “Have You Really the Courage?”).


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“Endless Possibilities (feat. Raj Ramayya) [Climactic Mix]” is included in the album “Chronicles 2007-2013, Vol. 2“.

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