Captain Funk “Sail and Cruise” Out on June 11th, 2021

“Captain’s musical voyage”

Captain Funk releases a new album followed by “Night Music.” “Sail and Cruise,” a compilation and mix album filled with delightful and groovy music, is very suitable for vacation. Unlike ordinary DJ mix albums, all tracks included in this release are composed and produced by Tatsuya Oe. So this album can also let you enjoy the highlight of Captain Funk’s recent work. Under various situations such as driving, cruising, and home party, Captain’s “Sail and Cruise” will bring a refreshing touch to your life.

“Sail and Cruise” Tracklist (Downloads/Streaming edition)

Captain Funk - Sail and Cruise
1. Sail and Cruise Mix Part 1 (Continuous Mix) (35:27)
2. Sail and Cruise Mix Part 2 (Continuous Mix) (24:05)

– Part 1 –
3. Love at First Flight
4. Pacific (Honolulu Mix)
5. Paradise Boogie
6. My Love Won’t Wait
7. Voyager
8. Horizonte
9. Make Things Right
10. Call on Me (Night Cruising Mix)
11. Summer Nights (Tropic of Capricorn Mix)
12. Try Try Try (On the Deck Mix)

– Part 2 –
13. Big Blue
14. Overture (Electronic Funk Mix)
15. Into the Echo (Instrumental Mix)
16. Tell Me (Chill Out Mix)
17. At the Beach (Instrumental Mix)
18. Aquarius
19. Just Wanna Get You Tonight (Laid-Back Mix)
20. Into the Echo
21. Sunset Bay

Note: Track 1 and 2 are continuous mixes which can be played as a very long track. The other tracks can be played “gaplessly” if you use some streaming services such as Amazon Music and Apple Music.
The CD edition does NOT include track 1 and 2, but part 1 (10 tracks) and part 2 (9 tracks) can be played gaplessly (like ordinary DJ Mix albums).

Album Info & Credit

Artist Name: Captain Funk
Album Title: “Sail and Cruise”
Release Date: June 11th (Fri), 2021
Format: Digital & CD (Pro CD-R、limited press)
Product No: MECD-1014
UPC Code: 198000273224
Label: Model Electronic
Physical Distribution: Alliance Entertainment
All tracks composed and produced by Tatsuya Oe (JASRAC)

Album Description

Part 1 is a continuous mix that consists of funky house and boogie music. It begins with “Love at First Flight,” an upbeat Latin house track. This continuous mix also includes newly released tracks: Horn-featured “Paradise Boogie,” soulful vocal tracks such as “My Love Won’t Wait” and “Make Things Right,” and Brazilian-influenced “Horizonte.” New arrangements of “Call on Me” and “Summer Nights,” whose original versions are already familiar to Tatsuya’s fans, add a colorful touch to the uplifting musical story of Part 1.

Part 2 mainly features downtempo and mid-tempo electronic funk music, which is suitable for relaxation and chill-out. It includes not only new mixes of Captain Funk’s classic “Overture,” ” At the Beach,” and “Just Wanna Get You Tonight,” but also recent tunes such as “Aquarius” and “Sunset Bay.”

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Note for Sync Licensing

If you’re interested in obtaining a license of music included in this album for your TV/Film/Advertising project, please request a quote from “License Form.”

Captain Funk “Chronicles 2007-2013, Vol. 1 & 2” Released

Captain Funk “Chronicles 2007-2013, Vol. 1 & 2” have just been released and available at major retailers such as iTunes, Amazon, etc. These albums are literally the collection of tracks which have been produced since 2007 under the moniker of Captain Funk. These include not only original & instrumental mixes from the past 4 releases (“Heavy Metal”, “Heavy Mellow”, “Sunshine”, and “Versions 2011”) but also new songs such as “Try Try Try” & remixes (49 + 49 tracks).

We hope you will check out the retailer list and enjoy these two albums.

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Other retailers list:
Amazon MP3 Worldwide (Now on sale, Vol.1, Vol.2), 7 Digital, Aspiro, Deezer, eMusic, Google Play, Guvera, La Curacao,, Medianet, MOG, Myspace Music, Myxer, Nielson Soundscan,, Rhapsody, Simfy, Slacker, Synacor, Virgin Mega, Virgin Mobile Canada, Zune (Musiwave)

“Chronicles 2007-2013, Vol. 1” (MERN-1001)

(Italic: New release)
1. Endless Possibilities (Electro Shuffle Mix) [feat. Raj Ramayya] 3:19
2. Superfoxy (feat. Krusher) (Dirty Electro House Mix) 3:12
3. Somebody Like You (feat. Meri Neeser) (Electro Pop Mix) 5:25
4. Leaving (Extended Piano Mix) 7:11
5. Weekend (Kissing, Touching, Tasting, Loving) [feat. Adnan Kurtov] (Uplifting House Mix) 6:50
6. Boogie Electricland 3:31
7. Kick the Beats (feat. Hitoshi Arai) 3:52
8. Somebody Like You (feat. Meri Neeser) 5:39
9. Carry On 5:49
10. Don’t Waste My Acid 6:02
11. Butterfly (feat. Raj Ramayya) 6:38
12. Superfoxy (feat. Krusher) 6:25
13. Funk Lesson ’79 2:26
14. Knight of Electricity 6:07
15. Talk Too Much 5:36
16. Not Later 7:34
17. Heroes are Forever (New Mix) 5:03
18. Overture 2:16
19. Tell Me 4:55
20. Call On Me (feat. Raj Ramayya) 5:04
21. Diamonds (feat. Meri Neeser) 5:56
22. Rockin’ You Eternally 6:20
23. Hey Boy, Hey Girl (feat. Meri Neeser) 5:18
24. Love Tricks 5:18
25. Can’t Hide 4:15
26. Get Over You 7:12
27. Come Back Soon (feat. Raj Ramayya) 5:30
28. I’ll Be There (feat. Raj Ramayya) 6:59
29. Stardust (feat. Hitoshi Arai) 4:53
30. Endless Days 2:48
31. Weekend (Kissing, Touching, Tasting, Loving) [feat. Adnan Kurtov] 3:58
32. Rise 4:56
33. Girlfriend (feat. Adnan Kurtov) 4:42
34. Piece of You (feat. Meri Neeser) 4:50
35. At the Beach 4:17
36. Sunshine 5:32
37. Just Wanna Get You Tonight (feat. Adnan Kurtov) 5:00
38. King of the Highway 2:56
39. Leaving 3:22
40. Anymore 1:44
41. Summer Nights 7:54
42. Hey Boy, Hey Girl (feat. Meri Neeser) (Playmodel Daytime Remix) 5:41
43. Hey Boy, Hey Girl (feat. Meri Neeser) (Playmodel Nighttime Remix) 6:27
44. Alex Whistles 5:24
45. Call On Me (feat. Raj Ramayya) (Uplifting House Mix) 7:13
46. I’ll Be There (Epic Strings Short Mix Instrumental) 1:40
47. Mass of Attraction (feat. Raj Ramayya) 2:46
48. Tell Me (Chill Out Mix) 3:26
49. Butterfly (feat. Raj Ramayya) (Break Beats Mix) 6:26

“Chronicles 2007-2013, Vol. 2” (MERN-1002)

1. Piece of You (feat. Meri Neeser) [Bestrack Remix] 4:40
2. Try Try Try (feat. Raj Ramayya) [Beachside Bar Mix] 4:54
3. Just Wanna Get You Tonight (feat. Adnan Kurtov) [Summer Mix] 5:52
4. I’ll Be There (feat. Raj Ramayya) [Epic Synth Rock Mix] 6:10
5. Weekend (Kissing, Touching, Tasting, Loving) [feat. Adan Kurtov] [Organic Piano Groove Mix] 4:39
6. Hey Boy, Hey Girl (feat. Meri Neeser) [Digikid84 Remix] 3:52
7. Endless Possibilities (feat. Raj Ramayya) [Climactic Mix] 4:13
8. Kick the Beats (New Mix Instrumental) 3:52
9. Somebody Like You (Instrumental) 6:01
10. Carry On (Instrumental) 5:41
11. Butterfly (Break Beats Mix Instrumental) 6:26
12. Superfoxy (Instrumental) 6:20
13. Funk Lesson ’79 (Instrumental) 2:21
14. Knight of Electricity (Instrumental) 5:48
15. Talk Too Much (Instrumental) 5:33
16. Not Later (Short Instrumental) 4:44
17. Call On Me (Instrumental) 4:51
18. Diamonds (Instrumental) 6:04
19. Rockin’ You Eternally (Instrumental) 6:28
20. Hey Boy, Hey Girl (Instrumental) 4:35
21. Love Tricks (Instrumental) 5:28
22. Can’t Hide (Instrumental) 4:27
23. Get Over You (Instrumental) 6:01
24. Come Back Soon (Instrumental) 5:32
25. I’ll Be There (Instrumental) 7:18
26. Stardust (Instrumental) 4:46
27. Weekend (Kissing, Touching, Tasting, Loving) [Instrumental] 3:58
28. Rise (Instrumental) 4:56
29. Girlfriend (Instrumental) 4:41
30. Piece of You (Instrumental) 4:49
31. At the Beach (Instrumental) 4:22
32. Just Wanna Get You Tonight (Instrumental) 5:00
33. Leaving (Instrumental) 3:21
34. Summer Nights (Instrumental) 7:54
35. Sunshine (Short Instrumental) 3:56
36. Endless Possibilities (Electro Shuffle Mix Instrumental) 3:18
37. Superfoxy (Dirty Electro House Mix Instrumental) 3:12
38. Somebody Like You (Electro Pop Mix Instrumental) 5:23
39. Leaving (Extended Piano Mix Instrumental) 7:15
40. Weekend (Kissing, Touching, Tasting, Loving) [Uplifting House Mix Instrumental] 6:05
41. Call On Me (Uplifting House Mix Instrumental) 7:12
42. Piece of You (Bestrack Remix Instrumental) 4:41
43. Try Try Try (Beachside Bar Mix Instrumental) 4:55
44. Just Wanna Get You Tonight (Summer Mix Instrumental) 5:53
45. I’ll Be There (Epic Synth Rock Mix Instrumental) 6:20
46. Weekend (Kissing, Touching, Tasting, Loving) [Organic Piano Groove Mix Instrumental] 4:39
47. Endless Possibilities (Climactic Mix Instrumental) 4:29
48. Neural Highway 3:21
49. Mass of Attraction (Instrumental)