“The Little Big Beat Book” (UK) Published

Oe contributed an exclusive interview to “The Little Big Beat Book,” authored by a British DJ/writer Rory Roy and published by New Haven Publishing Ltd. Looking back on the Big Beat era in the late 90’s, he discussed how the Japanese club music scene was as well as Captain Funk’s “Bustin’ Loose EP” which had been acclaimed by top-notch Big Beat DJs such as Fatboy Slim and Freddy Fresh.

The official street date is the 10th of September 2018.

Publisher: New Haven Publishing Ltd
ISBN-10: 1912587092

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The Little Big Beat Book

The author has been working on a lot of promotions including an interview with Craig Charles for his BBC6 Funk & Soul Show, which will be broadcast on the 15th September – he will play a 30 minute DJ Mix on the show including ’Twist and Shout’ by Captain Funk.

Here is a sample of the contributors to this book (except for Tatsuya Oe/Captain Funk).

Fatboy Slim (Norman Cook), The Prodigy (Liam Howlett and Keith Flint), Chemical Brothers manager Robert Linney, Damian Harris (AKA Midfield General – Founder of Skint Records), Mark Jones (Founder of Wall of Sound), Jon Carter, Bassbin Twins, Propellerheads, Wiseguys (‘Ooh La La’), Freestylers, Derek Dahlarge, Bentley Rhythm Ace, Stephen Hall who ran Junior Boys Own Record Label (Chemical Brothers’ First Label), Cut La Roc, Dub Pistols, John Mekon, Robin Turner (Heavenly Social Founder and Promoter), Gareth Hansome (Big Beat Boutique Founder and Promoter), Justin Robertson (from Lionrock), Lindy Layton (Beats International ‘Dub Be Good To Me’), Howie B, Freddy Fresh, Fuzz Townsend, Apollo 440 (‘Stop The Rock’ and ‘Lost in Space’), Simon Shackleton, Mr. Scruff, Jadell, Nick Faber, Robert Luis, Kidda, Max Sedgley, Aldo Vanucci, Gramma Funk (‘I See You Baby’), Alex Hardee from CODA Agency (Liam Gallagher’s Agent), etc.

Interview about Music Licensing Business for Billboard biz and Sync Exchange

Tatsuya had a long interview with Mark Frieser, contributing writer of Billboard biz and founder of Sync Exchange/Disconic, LLC. This was originally held as a series of interviews on Billboard biz he has been working on from the standpoint of “possibilities of music licensing business”, and the article has been pre-published on Sync Exchange and Music2Deal websites (as well as Blog page). Publication on is due in this early summer.

While we comprehensively covered many topics about music licensing business, these are based on what he has actually experienced and learned for years. We hope this article will be helpful for independent musicians and publishers who have been exploring possibilities of music business on a daily basis.

If you’re interested in Mark’s other interviews with Gerald Casale (Devo), Martyn Ware (Heaven 17), Chuck D (Public Enemy), Mathew Knowles (Music World Entertainment, and Beyonce’s father), etc., check out and Sync Exchange pages. These precious talks with the music industry greats should be helpful for you as well.

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