March 1, 2024

Captain Funk - Sail and Cruise

Captain Funk “Sail and Cruise” Out on June 11th, 2021

Contents1 “Captain’s musical voyage”2 “Sail and Cruise” Tracklist (Downloads/Streaming edition)3 Album Info & Credit4 Album Description5 Downloads & Streaming Services5.1 Worldwide5.2 Japan5.3 Other Asian countries6 CD Store Links7 Note for Sync Licensing “Captain’s musical voyage” Captain Funk releases a new…

Captain Funk - Metropolis

New Album “Metropolis” Out on Nov 8, 2019

Tatsuya Oe will release Captain Funk’s new full-album on November 8 (Fri), 2019 (Digital/CD). “Metropolis,” produced by the electronic music producer who has raised and lived in Tokyo, Osaka, and New York, takes you on his retro-futuristic journey of “City…

Dark Model-Flashback

Dark Model’s New Album “Flashback” Released

Contents1 “Be A Badass”2 “Flashback” Tracklist3 Album Info & Credit4 Downloads & Streaming Services (Updated in May 2020)4.1 Worldwide4.2 Japan4.3 Other Asian countries5 Physical (CD)6 Note for Sync Licensing “Be A Badass” Dark Model (Captain Funk’s another project) has released…

Captain Funk - Oceans

New Album “Oceans” Out on June 28th, 2019

Tatsuya Oe will release Captain Funk’s new full-album on June 28th (Fri), 2019 (Digital/CD). “Oceans” takes you on a breezy and uplifting voyage through 10 instrumental tracks in the style of futuristic funk, electronic jazz, and tropical dance music. Contents1…

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