Captain Funk “Summer Mix 2020” Movie Published

We have just published a new video clip featuring Tatsuya’s 24-minute DJ mix on Youtube. It all consists of his compositions and productions as Captain Funk and OE, including a brand new track “Aquarius” and new versions of his past releases. Hopefully, you will enjoy this mix and feel the summer even when you “stay at home.”

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– Tracklist –
1. Big Blue 0:00
2. New Mix: Overture (Electronic Funk Mix) 2:42
3. OE – Into the Echo (Instrumental Mix) 4:55
4. Tell Me (Chill Out Mix) 7:23
5. At the Beach (Instrumental Mix) 9:25
6. New Track: Aquarius 11:45
7. Just Wanna Get You Tonight (Summer Mix) 15:02
8. OE – Into the Echo 17:12
9. Sunset Bay 19:37

All tracks composed and produced by Tatsuya Oe (JASRAC)
BPMs: All 110 except track 9 (BPM94)

(Updated on July 28th)
These two tracks are exclusively available on Bandcamp now. Hopefully, you will visit the brand new Model Electronic Records page on Bandcamp as well.

“Overture (Electronic Funk Mix)”

– Albums –
Track 1 from “Oceans
Original Mix of Track 2 from “Heavy Mellow
Track 3,8 from OE “New Classics, Vol.1
Track 4 from “Chronicles 2007-2013, Vol.1
Track 5,7 from “Chronicles 2007-2013, Vol.2
Track 10 from “Metropolis

– Thumbnails –
Captain Funk - Big Blue

Captain Funk - At the beach
Captain Funk - Aquarius
Captain Funk - Just Wanna Get You Tonight
Captain Funk - Just Wanna Get You Tonight2
Captain Funk - Into the Echo
Captain Funk - Sunset Bay