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New music tracks of Captain Funk

Dark Model (Captain Funk’s latest project) will release the new album “Saga”

Dark Model (the latest project of Captain Funk) will release the new album “Saga” on March 24, 2017. This is a teaser from the upcoming album, “Survivors.” Not only does this track construct orchestral and symphonic sound (which is signature to the project), it also features a lot of elements of disco & electronic funk

Captain Funk – Endless Possibilities (Electronic Shuffle Mix)

2013 Electronic mix of Captain Funk feat. Raj Ramayya “Endless Possibilities”, produced by Tatsuya himself. Original version is

Captain Funk – Somebody Like You (Electro Pop Mix)

Electro Pop remix of Captain Funk “Somebody Like You”, produced by Tatsuya Oe himself. Original version is included

Captain Funk – Superfoxy (Dirty Electro House Mix)

Dance remix of Captain Funk “Superfoxy”, produced by Tatsuya Oe himself. This is included in “Chronicles 2007-2013 vol.1”.

Captain Funk – Leaving (Extended Piano Mix)

2012 remix of Captain Funk “Leaving” (original “Sunshine“). This is a new version produced by Tatsuya himself and included in “Chronicles 2007-2013 vol.1”. It features more piano riffs and dance-oriented arrangement. Release: “Chronicles 2007-2013, Vol. 1″ BPM:128 Produced and Remixed by Tatsuya Oe Vocals: Recomposed from the materials of “Vocal Foundry (Zero-G)” (We already confirmed

Captain Funk – Tell Me (Chill Out Mix)

Release: “Chronicles 2007-2013, Vol. 1″ Tempo/BPM: 100 Description: Downtempo remix of Captain Funk “Tell Me” (“Heavy Mellow“). This

Captain Funk – Try Try Try (Beachside Bar Mix)

A new song from Captain Funk’s latest album “Chronicles2007-2013, Vol. 2”, featuring Tatsuya’s long-term friend Raj Ramayya. Maybe you could feel this is more organic or live than regular CF tracks while it still has elements of modern electronic music such as Dubstep-esque beat. I hope you will like it and visit “Chronicles2007-2013” pages on