More digital music platforms have joined to distribute Captain Funk releases

These digital music stores and streaming services in Japan and China just have started to distribute all the releases of Model Electronic. Recochoku, mora, e-onkyo music, and OTOTOY handle hi-resolution audio files such as 24bit/48Khz WAV and Flac. Hopefully, you will enjoy listening to Tatsuya’s music through these services as well.

Additional digital setvices May 2020

Additional digital music stores and streaming services

Japan | | recochoku | mora | e-onkyo music | OTOTOY | rakuten music

Otoraku| FaRao Pro (These are background music suppliers for restaurants, bars, and similar establishments.)


QQ Music | Kuwo Music(酷我音楽)| NetEase Cloud Music(網易雲音楽)| Xiami Music (蝦米音楽)

Releases which have started to be distributed via these platforms

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『Chronicles 2007-2013, Vol.1 』『Chronicles 2007-2013, Vol.2 』『Oceans』『Metropolis』

Note: As for “Chronicles 2007-2013, Vol.1&2,” only 16bit/44Khz files are distributed. All the other releases include distributions of hi-resolution audio files such as 24bit/48Khz WAV and Flac.

Captain Funk – Chronicles 2007-2013, Vol. 1 Captain Funk – Chronicles 2007-2013, Vol. 2 Captain Funk - Oceans Captain Funk - Metropolis

Discontinued: Google Play Music

We have decided to end distributing all Model Electronic releases to Google Play Music except Captain Funk’s “Chronicles 2007-2013” albums. We don’t have a plan to shift and distribute our releases to Youtube Music

New Album “Metropolis” Out on Nov 8, 2019

Tatsuya Oe will release Captain Funk’s new full-album on November 8 (Fri), 2019 (Digital/CD). “Metropolis,” produced by the electronic music producer who has raised and lived in Tokyo, Osaka, and New York, takes you on his retro-futuristic journey of “City Music” in the style of electronic funk, synthwave, and electro-jazz.

“Metropolis” Tracklist

Captain Funk - Metropolis 1. City of Love
2. Street Chaser
3. Magic
4. Over the Rainbow
5. You’ll Never Know
6. Metropolis
7. Seduction
8. Till the Dawn
9. Sunset Bay

Album Info & Credit

Artist Name: Captain Funk
Album Title: “Metropolis”
Release Date: Nov 8th (Fri), 2019
Format: Digital & CD (Digipak)
Product No: MECD-1010
UPC Code: 888295949101
Label: Model Electronic
Physical Distribution: Alliance Entertainment
All tracks composed and produced by Tatsuya Oe (JASRAC)
Art Direction: Passion Yoko

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Yandex Music


Recochoku(incl. Hi-Res)
Mora (Hi-Res)
e-onkyo music (Hi-Res)
OTOTOY (Lossless) (Hi-Res)
Line Music
Rakuten Music

Other Asian countries

Kuwo Music(酷我音楽)
NetEase Cloud Music(網易雲音楽)
Xiami Music(蝦米音楽)

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