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Tatsuya will join Sync Summit Hollywood as a panelist

December 4 – 5, 2013
Roosevelt Hotel – Hollywood, CA

Sync Summit is a high-level, focused networking event where top music supervisors, heads of music in visual and interactive media (TV, film, video games, advertising, the internet and mobile), label executives, publishers, music libraries, composers, artists, technologists, legal, accounting, brand managers and service providers gather for two days of discussion, networking and dealmaking.

Sync Summit is designed to be a different kind of conference – not a mere pitchfest where the connections made are soon forgotten or not followed up, or a general glossing over of the music in media market. Rather, Sync Summit is organized around fostering real, productive networking opportunities, presenting case studies of how music is discovered and used, evolving business models in the music in media market as well as creative and promotional considerations.

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Tatsuya was invited and will participate as a panelist in PANEL DISCUSSION: The International Market which will be held on Day 1 – December 4th.

11:30 – 12:30 PM, Dec 4th – BALLROOM:
PANEL DISCUSSION: The International Market

The business of music and media defies borders. Music supervisors and rights holders alike do business on a global scale, and there are opportunities for both sides from looking beyond their country to do business. The panel features top rights holders and music supervisors from across the globe discussing the challenges and opportunities in doing business internationally.

Diana Rodriguez – CEO and Founder, Criteria Entertainment (LatAm)
Luciana Pegorer – Executive Director, Brazilian Association of Independent Music (Brazil)
Michèle Amar – CEO, France Rocks, Director, French Music Export Office (France)
Tatsuya Oe – Founder/CEO, Recording Artist, Dark Model (Japan, US)
Roberto Izaac – Head of Music Programming, mun2
Anastasiya Mushchil – Chief of Synchronization Department, Firma Melodiya (Russia)
Andreas Katsambas – Founder/CEO, The End Records (US, EU)
Jen Taunton –Music Supervisor, Level Two Music (Australia)

Robert Singerman – Founder, Music With Subtitles

Interview about Music Licensing Business for Billboard biz and Sync Exchange

Tatsuya had a long interview with Mark Frieser, contributing writer of Billboard biz and founder of Sync Exchange/Disconic, LLC. This was originally held as a series of interviews on Billboard biz he has been working on from the standpoint of “possibilities of music licensing business”, and the article has been pre-published on Sync Exchange and Music2Deal websites (as well as Blog page). Publication on is due in this early summer.

While we comprehensively covered many topics about music licensing business, these are based on what he has actually experienced and learned for years. We hope this article will be helpful for independent musicians and publishers who have been exploring possibilities of music business on a daily basis.

If you’re interested in Mark’s other interviews with Gerald Casale (Devo), Martyn Ware (Heaven 17), Chuck D (Public Enemy), Mathew Knowles (Music World Entertainment, and Beyonce’s father), etc., check out and Sync Exchange pages. These precious talks with the music industry greats should be helpful for you as well.

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