Interview about Music Licensing Business for Billboard biz and Sync Summit

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Tatsuya had a long interview with Mark Frieser, contributing writer of Billboard biz and founder of Sync Summit /Sync Exchange. This was originally held as a series of interviews on Billboard biz he has been working on from the standpoint of “possibilities of music licensing business”, and the article has been pre-published on Sync Exchange and Music2Deal websites (as well as Blog page). Publication on is due in this early summer.

While we comprehensively covered many topics about music licensing business, these are based on what he has actually experienced and learned for years. We hope this article will be helpful for independent musicians and publishers who have been exploring possibilities of music business on a daily basis.

If you’re interested in Mark’s other interviews with Gerald Casale (Devo), Martyn Ware (Heaven 17), Chuck D (Public Enemy), Mathew Knowles (Music World Entertainment, and Beyonce’s father), etc., check out and Sync Summit pages. These precious talks with the music industry greats should be helpful for you as well.

Tatsuya Oe page on Sync Summit

Sync Exchange “Creating a Successful Licensing Business as an Independent Musician (Part 1)”

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Music2Deal Interview page

Music2Deal - Tatsuya Oe

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