Dark Model (Captain Funk’s latest project) will release the new album “Saga”

Dark Model (the latest project of Captain Funk) will release the new album “Saga” on March 24, 2017.

This is a teaser from the upcoming album, “Survivors.” Not only does this track construct orchestral and symphonic sound (which is signature to the project), it also features a lot of elements of disco & electronic funk which Tatsuya Oe has embraced and presented throughout his career as Captain Funk. Hopefully, fans of both projects will enjoy the track.

We will keep you posted of the progress at darkmodelmusic.com. Stay tuned!

Dark Model “Saga” page: https://www.darkmodelmusic.com/releases/saga/

Artist Name: Dark Model
Album Title: “Saga”
Release Date: March 24th (Fri), 2017
Format: CD & Digital
UPC: 888295548816
Label: Model Electronic
Product No: MECD-1005
Physical Distribution: Alliance Entertainment

BPM: 112
Keywords: Orchestral, Disco, Funk, Electronic, Baroque, dance, Heroic, Brave, Thematic

Copyright (c) 2022 | Tatsuya Oe / Model Electronic All rights reserved.
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