Meri Neeser (singer of “Hey Boy, Hey Girl”&”Piece of You”) Interview

Meri Neeser

An interview video of Meri Neeser, who is known as a female vocalist of Captain Funk “Hey Boy, Hey Girl” has just arrived. Hopefully, you will enjoy her talks, ranging from her background to collaboration with Tatsuya.

Meri’s participation in Captain Funk’s songs:

Hey Boy, Hey Girl (included in “Heavy Mellow,” “Chronicles vol.1”) (Live performance video)
Piece of You (included in “Sunshine,” “Chronicles vol.1,” Remix: “Chronicles vol.2”)
Diamonds (included in “Heavy Mellow”)
Somebody Like You (included in “Heavy Metal,” “Chronicles vol.1,” Remix: “Chronicles vol.2”)

Short bio:

Meri Neeser (actress / voice-over actress / singer) is an artist who’s been working and performing professionally from the age of 16. She first started as a singer and developed her acting skills on a TV program in Japan. She went to a drama school in Paris, moved to London-UK, and is now living in New York, US.

She has recorded voice-overs for TV commercials, TV documentaries, Video games and has sung many songs for TV CM, as well as for animation films, and collaborated with different musicians/DJs.

She appears in different short films, performs in plays and musicals and worked for NHK (Japan) as a TV presenter. She has recently written and directed her first short film and is currently working on a documentary.

Meri Neeser related websites:

Official website

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